Project Logistics

A blueprint isn’t the only plan needed to ensure a successful construction project. Making sure all materials and equipment are where they need to be — and on time — can be a nightmare. With so many trucks coming and going from the jobsite every day, the potential for chaos, confusion and costly delays is high without proper strategy and organization.

With American Transport Group as your project logistics company, however, you gain peace of mind knowing there are experts on your side who can handle virtually any construction job. ATG’s team, led by John Comeaux, has a long track record of proven success. In fact, our supply chain management capabilities have brought vital logistical support to projects ranging from small residential buildings to 65-story skyscrapers.

The Expertise We Bring

As a leading provider of third-party strategic sourcing solutions, we have the connections and experience needed to streamline your coordination on the jobsite. We offer inventory management if you need a warehouse for certain materials. We can also help devise delivery plans based on your site’s location that include staging areas for drivers, to keep operations flowing smoothly. At ATG, we know that even the best-laid plans don’t always go as expected. That’s why we provide driver management services to give you more flexibility.

We can:

  • Develop the project scope, parameters and constraints
  • Help determine the project budget
  • Determine supporting infrastructure needs
  • Create a detailed plan for organizing and executing — including inventory management factors, truck layout and delivery schedule depending on your needs
  • Identify support resources to implement a strategy that is easy to execute and track
  • Provide project communications systems that facilitate effective interactions among the customer, warehouse, drivers and site

Why Choose ATG?

ATG wants to be your 3PL provider of choice when it comes to logistics outsourcing for your operations. Let us assist you with our vast network of carriers from across the country. We bring a wealth of knowledge about the construction industry to every job. Our involvement in sourcing and procurement for countless projects means we understand your needs, restrictions and parameters for success.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for being flexible, responsive and experienced. These qualities — along with our team of highly skilled professionals — make us the premier choice for logistical expertise. Understanding the industry, from the material being manufactured to the project teams involved, allows us to give you the confidence that your shipments are being managed by the best logistics team in the business. To learn more or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.

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