Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed hauling is one of the pillars of the logistics market. Companies across a broad spectrum of industries depend on this service to transport oversize materials and equipment as well as other cargo that is not a good fit for traditional trailers. However, arranging for flatbed freight can be exceptionally difficult for many enterprises. The demand often far outweighs the supply, and the capacity of flatbed carriers is being filled faster than in years past. Legislative changes such as investments in energy and infrastructure are putting more pressure on the market. Hauling is also affected by the usual seasonal spikes in demand because of the project-based nature of the industry.

Securing the flatbed service your company needs is challenging under even the best of circumstances. Fortunately, ATG is here to connect you. We have one of the most extensive networks of carrier companies in North America, and we augment that with the expertise and solutions necessary to help you make the most of it.

Diverse Companies, Diverse Needs

Part of what makes flatbed transport hard to schedule is that so many sectors depend on it. This means your business is competing with a large number of others that have the same urgency. For example, the construction market requires flatbed hauling to deliver materials and heavy equipment to job sites. Manufacturing and automotive operations utilize it for transporting steel coils and other essential materials. The oil and gas sector need it to carry enormous pipeline sections.

With so much competition for flatbed services, trusting us to be your third-party flatbed freight broker takes that worry off your shoulders. No matter how large or small the shipment is, we are up for the challenge. We can put you in contact with the carrier that will get the job done.

Why Choose ATG?

There is more to our status as an industry leader than our connections. We strive to be the most flexible and responsive third-party logistics provider anywhere. When you put cargo in our hands, be confident that we will do whatever we can to identify and secure the best solutions for your requirements. We deliver attentive service and operate with the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy in every area. To learn more about what ATG has to offer, reach out today and receive a quote.