Full Truckload Services

Full truckload shipping is one of the most cost-effective and efficient means of delivering goods to market. When a company is able to fill an entire trailer, there is no need for the carrier to make multiple stops or wait for unused space to be filled. It also prevents the shipper from paying for a partially empty trailer.

These advantages mean the demand for full truckload services is exceptionally high, causing some strain in the market. The industry is also facing a driver shortage, as well as increased regulation in the form of electronic logging device requirements. These factors make finding a reliable FTL trucking company even more challenging.

However, when you trust American Transport Group to connect you with dependable, quality dry van shipping capacity, the process becomes much easier. Thanks to our extensive network of carriers throughout North America, we can find the help you need to get your cargo on the road quickly and without worry. Our experience and comprehensive solutions mean we will work hard to alleviate your truckload freight concerns no matter what they are.

Serving Multiple Industries

Virtually every facet of the consumer goods industry will need FTL capabilities at one point or another. Whether you are sending components to production facilities or finished products to retailers, this mode of transportation is a crucial part of the supply chain. Markets ranging from construction to health care to e-commerce rely on these services because they typically ship in high volumes on a regular basis.

Whether your business has one full truckload to ship or several thousand, you can count on American Transport Group to serve you every step of the way. With our history and expertise, we are ready to take on any challenge.

Choose ATG

Thanks to our extensive carrier network, we can solve your capacity problems almost immediately. However, that is not the only reason American Transport Group holds a leadership position in the 3PL industry. Our goal is to be the most flexible, responsive and professional provider you can find anywhere. We do what we can to locate and secure the right solutions that serve your business effectively.

Through it all, you can count on the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy. To learn more about our services, reach out to us today and request a quote.