Printing Materials, Paper & Packaging Logistics

Every supply chain depends on paper, whether it is for printing shipping labels and invoices or creating the cardboard used to box up millions of shipments every day. That means paper freight makes up a significant portion of the world’s logistics activity. Manufacturers and processors need flexible, heavy-duty third-party logistics services to keep everything running smoothly when they are hauling raw materials to production facilities, transporting post-use packages for recycling or anything in between.

Fortunately, American Transport Group’s comprehensive packaging logistics capabilities allow us to be flexible, creative and responsive so our clients in this sector in order to meet the demanding conditions of the marketplace. The experience and expertise we bring to the table make us the perfect choice for your company’s needs.

Our Full Capabilities

Thanks to our extensive network of carriers throughout North America, we offer complete shipping solutions for virtually any type of paper cargo. We provide many services, including:

  • Full-truckload: Whether your shipments fill one trailer or 1,000, we can connect you with the trucking companies that will be the best fit.
  • Less-than-truckload: Get smaller cargo on the road as quickly as possible with our ability to locate available capacity.
  • Flatbed: Haul huge rolls of paper or other irregularly shaped freight with our flatbed capabilities.
  • Intermodal: Transporting paperboard packaging via multiple modes of transportation can be a major challenge, but we handle it seamlessly.
  • International: Wherever you need to send products, we can take care of it without many of the hassles and headaches that typically come with global shipping.

Choose ATG for All Your Needs

If you need to transport containerboard packaging or any other paper goods or materials, ATG is the 3PL provider that can do it all. We have the most extensive network of carriers anywhere, so we can find the right match for your specific situation. We are proud of our flexibility and responsiveness. When you work with us, be confident that you will always receive the solution that will best help accomplish your goals. We bring a professional demeanor to everything we do, providing the highest levels of courtesy and care in every interaction.

Ready to learn more about what makes us the best in the business? Want to receive a quote for our paper logistics services? Get in touch with us today.