Hazardous Material Shipping

The chemical industry’s responsibilities extend beyond obligations to customers. Because of the potentially dangerous nature of many chemical products, companies in this sector must bear the burden of protecting their employees and the public at large. That means having extensive safety protocols throughout every stage of production and marketing. These protocols are critical not only to keep people safe from the harmful effects of hazardous materials, but also to ensure they remain in compliance with federal and state regulations.

As a highly experienced and capable chemical logistics company, ATG has the freight solutions and expertise these companies need to give themselves and others complete peace of mind.

Handled With Care

No matter what type of chemical transportation you require, count on ATG to deliver it with great care and exceptional attention to safety protocols. Our comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Full-truckload: Our network of carriers can accommodate shipments whether they fill one trailer or thousands.
  • Less-than-truckload: We can find empty space in a trailer to carry smaller shipments.
  • Flatbed: We work with an extensive array of trucking companies that have the equipment to be your ISO tank carrier for bulky and oversize cargo.
  • Intermodal: We can arrange for multiple modes of transportation without creating hassles.
  • International: Untangling the requirements for shipping chemicals around the world can be challenging without the knowledge we bring to the table.

Why ATG Is Right for Your Needs

As a fully experienced and capable third-party logistics provider, we can connect you with carriers that will handle any chemical trucking requirements. But that isn’t the only reason to put faith in us. We take great pride in our ability to be flexible for our clients and find exactly the right services to fit their operations and achieve their goals. We’re highly adaptive and responsive to help you make adjustments on the fly and keep promises to customers. We also strive to be extremely professional in every interaction. Every time you reach out to us, be assured that you will receive the highest levels of courtesy and care in addition to the answers to any logistical questions.

Transporting hazardous materials calls for a responsive 3PL provider with skill and know-how. That’s exactly what we are, thanks to our experience and carrier partnerships. To learn more about everything we offer or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.