Consumer Goods Logistics

Consumer goods include nearly anything for sale in a store, from a couch to potato chips to your favorite toothpaste or toilet paper. No matter if you’re talking about a pair of shoes, a pack of gum or the newest smartphone, the one thing these commodities have in common is transit — they need some way to get to the shelves. For finished products or raw materials, demand will fluctuate based on the season and other factors. This means that consumer goods logistics require a highly adaptable, responsive and efficient supply chain.

Fortunately, these are qualities you will find at ATG. Thanks to our extensive network of carriers throughout North America, we have the capacity and capability to be flexible, creative and fully attentive to your needs. Whatever cargo needs to be shipped, we can be there with expert assistance to take care of you and your customers.

Our Full Capabilities

Our incredible partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive shipping solutions for virtually any shipments you may have. Our services include:

  • Full truckload — Regardless of whether your cargo fills up one truck or 1,000, we have the ability to connect you with a quality carrier who can deliver.
  • Less-than-truckload — If you have a small shipment that needs to hit the road right away, we can find the extra space that gets it moving quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Flatbed — Large and bulky materials benefit from a flatbed trailer. Fortunately, we have the capacity to handle it.
  • Intermodal — Coordinating multiple modes of transportation for your shipments can be challenging, but we can make the process simple and straightforward.
  • Project logistics — When you trust ATG, you can be certain that we will create the most effective plan from start to finish.
  • Specialized equipment — Our diverse network of transit companies means we will have no problem finding the specialized trucks or trailers you need.
  • International — ATG’s expertise includes untangling the difficulties of shipping cargo around the world.

Choose ATG

We take pride in our ability to solve problems for our clients with professionalism. The 3PL services we provide are tailored to your operations, no matter the requirements or restrictions. When you choose ATG, you will receive the highest levels of care and courtesy throughout the entire process. To learn more about our capabilities or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.